Moving Manchester

MidlandHotelresizedConfPageThe Moving Manchester research project was funded for three and a half years by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, and spent four years (2006-2010) investigating the ways in which the experience of migration has impacted upon contemporary writing in the city and, by extension, the ways in which these multicultural publications and performances have impacted upon the urban population’s view of itself as well as the wider perception of Manchester as a British city.


The Moving Manchester project has ended, but the after-life of the project continues through a new Knowledge Exchange initiative which seeks to get the work of writers featured in the project book, ‘Postcolonial Manchester’, on the syllabuses of schools in Lancashire and Greater Manchester, and in the new ‘North West Writers into Schools’ project.


Moving Manchester is one of the projects included within Lancaster University’s Centre for Transcultural Writing and Research.

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