North West Writers Into Schools

This 2014-15 project, which developed from Moving Manchester, will lead students to explore the poetry of two prominent Manchester writers, Shamshad Khan and SuAndi.

Moving Manchester

The North West Writers into Schools Project

ShamshadTeachers’ Forum. This password protected section will provide access to poetry by Shamdhad Khan and SuAndi, plus additional opportunities for exchange of ideas. Teachers can post their own materials and discuss things in an informal chat room. Read more about our participating Schools.


MMwalkwayWalking Tour. There will be a tour of Manchester, which will include landmark poetry by SuAndi and Shamshad. A map of the tour, with pages on each stage, is now available on our website.


People.  Our project team consists of: Lynne Pearce, SuAndi, Shamshad Khan, Pete Kalu, Sarah Ilott, Helen Davies, Kate Horsley and Lee Horsley. Read more about us.

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